Cambium Group is a leading web design company with locations in Vermont and Florida. We started this business twenty-one years ago with a clear objective of helping companies reach their marketing goals by empowering them to present dynamic, timely and informative information on their websites.

What We Do

our unique blend of services is executed by our team of highly specialized and extremely creative individuals, working together to produce results.

website design
We're a web design company creating professional, modern website designs that are affordable and customized to your business.We will guide you to choose the most appropriate website design for your business. We combine high end design elements with easy-to-use navigation. Effective Web design combines a compelling look and feel with easy-to-use navigation and the latest technologies to communicate your message and connect with your target audiences.
cms platforms
Your website is live and everything is up to date. But only until tomorrow. The world changes fast. To keep pace with changes in both your industry and marketplace, you need the ability to update or make changes to your site 24 hours a day, seven days a week, quickly and easily, on-site or remotely. Cambium offers several administrative platforms, including WordPress, Woocommerce, Joomla, Magento and Shopify.
eCommerce makes your product or service available to the world. That's why you need an effective and flexible ecommerce platform built with your unique strengths and messaging in mind. Whether you're a small shop in a rural corner of the world or an international wholesaler, our customized eCommerce solutions make it easy for you to tap into the worldwide marketplace. At Cambium Group, we develop eCommerce strategies to help you connect with the people you want to reach.
social media marketing
Social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) can and should be a significant part of an effective and integrated marketing strategy. Social networks provide you with exceptional opportunities to engage customers, build relationships, and increase visibility. At Cambium Group, we leverage the power of social media to build brand awareness, help you connect with new audiences, and develop existing partnerships. We'll create and manage your accounts, develop audience-specific promotions, build customized apps and other interactive applications, and monitor and analyze campaign activity. Interacting with your online community in real time - before, during and after business hours - enhances your brand, sharpens your reputation, and drives traffic to your site.
search engine marketing
U.S. interactive marketing spending - how much companies pay to advertise online - is predicted to reach $576.6 billion by 2022. Why? Because Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services like PPC (Pay-Per-Click) allow businesses, like yours, to generate quick revenue, target specific customers, and maximize data collection on an ongoing basis. At Cambium Group, we build and implement powerful paid search campaigns that generate revenue and enhance brand visibility. We perform extensive "keyword" research, execute comprehensive competitor analyses, design compelling landing pages, and write engaging copy to generate traffic and site interaction. We use industry proven tracking tools to measure and assess your campaign to ensure your message is delivered, your brand visibility is increased, and your online presence is enhanced.
logo design
Your brand is your strongest statement. It's the mark that expresses your personality, defines your core strengths, and establishes your value proposition. At Cambium Group, we understand the power of a strong logo to influence decision making, and we design customized logos that both new and existing customers will relate to both cognitively and subconsciously. A strong logo inspires trust and affinity for your brand. From concept to implementation, our logo designs will help you connect with your target markets.
print design
Your printed materials make your brand statement tangible. They should not only deliver your message and enhance your brand, but they should also drive traffic to your site. At Cambium Group, we combine clean, eye-catching designs with clear, lucid copy and powerful use of size & color to convey your ideas and deliver your message. We utilize the latest digital technologies to create high-quality printed pieces that communicate the unique benefits of your products and services. Whether you need a simple flier or brochure, or a multi-page catalog or report, we'll develop a look and feel that compliments and enhances your online brand and drives customers to do business with you.
email marketing
Email marketing lets you communicate with your target audience quickly, affordably and effectively. At Cambium Group, we use the power of email to keep new and existing customers current on changes and initiatives that are of interest and importance to them. A successful email marketing campaign will help you build and maintain long-term relationships while simultaneously building brand loyalty. From organizing and managing your lists to building strategic landing pages to concepting unique and customized promotions, we'll design, code, send, and analyze your email campaign to ensure your message is delivered and read.
web analytics
Web analytics helps you determine how you are performing online. Web analytics provides valuable information about who is visiting your site, where they came from (e.g. search engines, links from other sites), and how they interact with your content. At Cambium Group, we utilize industry analytics programs such as Google and Omniture to measure and monitor traffic to your site - and every page on your site - on an ongoing basis. We'll create an analytics account; develop and implement tracking code; help you set achievable site goals; configure eCommerce tracking; and we'll track all your marketing campaigns for future analysis. You'll also receive monthly reports detailing site traffic and conversion data. Understanding where your visitors originate and how they are interacting with your site allows us to provide you with specific recommendations for site enhancement and improvement.